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e-LIMS ... results at your fingertips

Eurofins' new e-LIMS (Electronic Laboratory Information Management System) gives you secure, real-time access to test results anytime, anywhere via our web interface. If you need an e-LIMS login please click here.

The benefits of e-LIMS

e-LIMS gives you a web-based system to check that your samples have arrived, to access results as soon as they're authorised, and to access lab reports and invoices. It also enables the download of result and invoice data in CSV or tab delimited format to assist your analysis of historic results.

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Sample Pre-Registration

e-LIMS includes will provide web-based sample pre-registration in the near future. Benefits of pre-registration include:

  • Quicker results - the faster registration process means pre-registrered samples hit the lab sooner.
  • Improved tracking - pre-registered samples are visible before arrival, so you can easily see which samples have not arrived.
  • Improved data accuracy - avoidance of re-keying eliminates one possible source of error.